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I tried to keep this journal public and succeeded for quite a while having only needed to make a couple of friends only entry, but decided to go friends only. If you wish to view my entries just put me in your friends page and I normally check in from time to time. If I like the look of your journal, which I normally do, then I will add you. I do a lot of random journal searching which normally results in some good journals which I will add.

I used to be a fully fledged paid member until 2007. This was not for the paid member benefits but for a thank you to Livejournal for the past year which allowed me to update family and friends with my exploits in China orginally. Now the second year of paid membership is the continual thank you for the service that they provide. I have not updated to paid membership as had to add card to paypal and there were problems there so never got round to it again. One day I will.

I am now based in the University of Limerick as the person in charge of the electron microscopes. Have change my location to Ireland now but originally from Scotland as you will see from the mention of St Andrews.