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Fri, Feb. 16th, 2007 08:04 am

Printing out the thesis is taking its time. mainly because i bought compatible ink cartridges rather than the proper ink cartridges. one good thing though is that after 700 pages, I am still on the same print cartridges. Plus the cartridges also cost me half the price for two of them. I think it is about £20 for a 25ml HP black cartridge, i got 2*50ml for £10, Colour cartridges are about £20 for 15 ml, i got 2*40ml for £12.

~Unfortunately i don't know when it runs out and i am going to be on the TEM today so I can't keep checking the ink. I might just set it going and hope for the best, or i might just change the ink cartridges to be safe.

Other than that, things are going quite well. Lets hope i can get some nice images on the machine today and tomorrow.


Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 05:21 pm


Seems a bit silly.


Wed, Feb. 7th, 2007 08:44 am

Wow I really am getting worse at updating. well i will try and give a quick update just now then.

I am through to the superSTEM tonight at daresbury, aiming to get there for about 5 so we should finish a couple of hours earlier than last time, which would be good even though the roads will be getting icy by then.

Trying to learn image simulation software but is not working out as planned. will keep trying as it should give something interesting.

Nothing much else happening in my life other than work. I watched darkness falls last night, oh what a silly little film that was. It is about the tooth fairy being some psychotic spirit that kills those that see her but she was afraid of the light. So most of the lines in the film was "stay in the light" or "get in the light". I wonder if they just hit copy paste in the script for that guys lines. there was nowt else on in my defence!


Fri, Feb. 2nd, 2007 05:22 pm

Today has been a busy week, so busy I am going to go home now and take a break

hope you all are well


Fri, Jan. 26th, 2007 12:18 pm

I have just read about a lectureship position in electron microscopy becoming available. ~I have only been here 3 months and already I am considering my next move. I do have 15 months left, but by the time the job advert ends then it will be 12 months. Then by the time they get round to interviews it will be more like ten months remaining. 10 months would be an ok time to wait, but then again I doubt i would be ready to be able to teach at academic level. plus i need to come up with my own research too, which is rather difficult.

Will chat with Wuzong about it when I go up to St Andrews next, and then if he is for it then I can always have a word with Matt when I come back down. That would still give me a month or two to apply so should be ok.

Rather than Chemistry though, it would be in physics but still dealing with nanomaterials and the electron microscope. and they do have rather attractive machines there.

Well I better carry on doing this job


Wed, Jan. 24th, 2007 09:16 am
How did I get so busy? I haven't a clue. On the microscope tomorrow but doing a lot of the cardiff report today. hopefully i can finish it by day's end.

Life just seems to be passing me by at the minute, no help to Celebrity Big Brother. I get up at 7, have a smoke, have a shower, have another smoke, get into work at about 08:00, then at about 18:30 leave for home, get home and watch first look Hollyoaks, jump between doing dishes and watching TV, make dinner and eat it, watch CBB and Big Mouth, go to bed only to repeat again for the next five days. Maybe I will get a life when i am less busy :D.

On other news, I am going to still travel up to st andrews until June as the new TEM won't be arriving until about that time.


Mon, Jan. 22nd, 2007 09:27 am
Forgot to say that i can now fit into my 34 size jeans. although it is so long ago since i wore them i can not remember if i washed them last time or not. doesn't matter as i will wash them this week as I am happy enough wearing my 36s.


Wed, Jan. 17th, 2007 09:14 am

When i was up in St Andrews last weekend, I did some christmas shopping on the sunday. I ended up buying more for myself than other people. I got a Jimmy Stewart collection for a tenner (which had Harvey, Vertigo, Rear Window, Destry rides again and Winchester '73, the latter was the only one i hadn't seen). I also bought a ross noble stand up DVD and also the Harry Hill Standup "first class scamp".

I also bought a couple of books, Orcs by Stan Nicholls (which i am currently reading) is so-so so far, good battle scenes from the point of view from Orcs and the quest has just started. I was telling John about it last night and he asked me "what's an orc?" so i had to describe what an Orc was. I thought everyone knew what an Orc was, obviously not. A thing i think is really funny, but did not get it to start with, is the name of the warring human races, the "Mani" and the "uni". One beleives in lots of gods, the other just beleives in one. I did giggle when i understood the name or the races.

The second book I bought was Dreamsongs by George RR Martin, this is his collection of short stories so will start that once i have finished the Orc book. Also I was reading grrm's livejournal and he has just said about how he is going on a "pizza pie" crawl in New Haven as he loves his pie. Anyway, he then posts on his blog and says any fans that fancy sharing a slice or three then they should come along. How cool is that.

Livejournal Spotlight has caused me to leave the community of chemistry help. Too many (yeah you get it now) introductory posts and not bothering to read the rules before joining which stops me reading other friends journals so I left. I didn't answer much questions anyway, or not as much as i used to.


Tue, Jan. 9th, 2007 08:43 am
IT is going to be a busy couple of weeks. I drive up to scotland tomorrow, will drop in on my mothers on the wednesday and then onto st andrews on the thursday. Microscope on Friday and Saturday and then back to my mothers on Sunday. I still need to do christmas shopping but i could even do that when i get back up to scotland.

Then will probably drive down on the Monday, got an induction morning on the Tuesday, Then on Friday, I will have John, Mike, Cathy and Laura coming up to be my guests for the flatmate reunion for the weekend. On the following Tuesday, I am doing my first group presentation.

Right anyway I better go and write a few reports for people before I leave tomorrow.


Thu, Jan. 4th, 2007 09:57 am

I just read this morning that Dirk Benedict(Face from A Team/Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica) is in the Big Brother house. How cool is that!!

All the others are popstars past and present and a couple of other folk i have not heard of other than Ken Russell.

I may need to watch CBB just for the pure Dirk of the matter.


Tue, Jan. 2nd, 2007 05:19 pm
naaaahhhhh, can't be bothered writing an entry!


Mon, Jan. 1st, 2007 11:58 am

Trailer here



Fri, Dec. 29th, 2006 12:26 pm

Went out with friends and took the ferry across the mersey, complete with the tune which permanently lodged itself in my head. IT was good fun and we then went to the pub afterwards.

I learned that liverpool was unusual as there was a gang for nearly every district in Liverpool. I was told that this makes it safer as the gang system is based on respect and nobody does anything without the nod from someone higher up. So I am feeling a lot less intimidated now with liverpool as I am unlikely to piss off gangs and then I just have to worry about the normal everyday psychos you get everywhere else.

and the potatoes!


Tue, Dec. 26th, 2006 12:59 pm

Just heard about the minor earth tremors in Dumfries. Texted a friend there and she said that her house shook.


Tue, Dec. 26th, 2006 10:44 am

yes I decided to come in to Chemistry today to use the internet, was getting a bit bored in the flat. The christmas day is much bigger in England than it is in Scotland, then again they don't do much new years meals, so I avoided the shops as they must go crazier on christmas eve. The students have gone from next door, what is annoying though is that they have a 2 minute beep on their smoke alarm as it is losing battery. fortunately, I can only hear it in the kitchen and when i am out for a smoke but if I have the TV on then i can't.

I made pancakes on christmas eve and christmas day. Turn out pretty good and I was flipping ok with the wok. I only once overflipped causing the pancake to land on the handle next to my hand. I then just folded them with Camembert and Sweet Sweet organic sweet pickle inside. I finished the Jar so I left the lid off and now there is a lovely smell when I go into the kitchen.

TV has not been the greatest, but several films I want to watch on DVD are hindered by the fact of me wanting to spread the word on these great films/ TV series so I could not watch them as i had passed them to other people. They repeated the Grumpy old men at christmas, which has TV personalities complaining on it. It was great, especially for Jeremy Clarkson. Also the Richard Hammond interview was well worth the watch.

Watched a couple of episodes of You've been Framed, due to it being narrated by Harry Hill. Still most of the clips are over ten years old and mainly american clips. Also watched Monsters inc, and what a brilliant story with a not so much cheesy ending. I always thought that Billy Crystal's character would be the main character and John Goodman the sidekick, not the other way around. Although I knew Steve Buscemi was in it, I had not realised that James Coburn was, which was a nice surprise.

Dr Who: may contain spoilers if not seen the christmas episodeCollapse )

Ricky Gervais meets Christopher Guest was really funny last night. they talked about spinal tap for the first 20 minutes. the best hour of comedy on christmas day. I even watched the last five minutes of Eastenders to see how funny Pauline Fowlers death would be. They had set everything for a comedic exit, an unstable ladder, a small dog, snow, happiness in the vic. I half expected the dog to pull pauline into the middle of the road (people in soaps always get killed by cars, unless it is home and away in which they have died in hurricanes, bush fires, floods, earthquakes, etc..., or Emmerdale with plane crashing in the village, houses collapsing, buses crashing, etc...), the car would swerve though missing pauline and hitting the ladder, the ladder would then fall and hit pauline on the head killing her as everyone runs out of the pub to see what happened. Unfortunately she just touched her head and lay down in front of the tree in the middle of the square. they didn't even bother getting her to die on Arthur's bench.

Returning to Ricky Gervais, his second interview is on tonight with Garry Shandling. Garry Shandling will probably mean more to the folk from the US as the Larry Sanders show didn't really catch on over here. But it will be funny and I look forward to any more "Ricky Gervais meets..." as his Larry David one was also fantastic. Shame there is no series on DVD yet for region 2. region 1 has the first season out, although at a ridiculous price.

For Christmas I got quite a bit for the kitchen, including a new recipe book and a wine Decanter. I also got some chutneys and oils too. My dad sent me an amazon gift voucher so I will need to spend it. May try and do it today to see if I can get it before the new year.


Fri, Dec. 22nd, 2006 11:54 am

Take note people, tune in to Johnathan Ross tonight on BBC one at 2235. Richard Hammond is on tonight's show. you can see a couple of clips on the BBC news website.

well worth a watch. as is the Royal institution Christmas Lectures, which starts on channel 5 on christmas day.

Also Harry Hill's TV burp is back on on the 30th of december, the only thing really worth watching on ITV1.

Also Green wing will be on Channel 4 in january time.


Thu, Dec. 21st, 2006 04:13 pm
I have actually been back since tuesday. Gonna stay down here for the duration of the holidays and beyond. Not sure how much internet I would get on during the break as it depends if I come in or not. how Am I gonna cope not checking my email I don't know. I will be into work as usual tomorrow but just incase I forget to wish you all a good time while I am away,


Fri, Dec. 15th, 2006 07:55 pm

Cheers for all the congrats guys. JennyO, my Viva lasted 3.5 hours, and loved every minute of it, which is about the normal length unless you are uber smart or likely to fail.

Went out for christmas lunch with the zhou group, which I played at being honourary member of for the first time. Spent loads of money on food up here. I suppose that is what happens when you have a wage and the rest of your friends are only students. Of course, I wouldn't do it if I was not happy to do it. I have probably paid about just over £200 for three meals, one of which was lunch, so I fed 7 people (10 including myself) which doesn't come out that bad. Plus I don't spend my money on anything else so It is not exactly as if I am struggling

Pretty tired just now so gonna do one more sample and then go and stay at Duncan's. I was considering sleeping in the department but Duncan came up at the last minute.

anyway, one more sample and thanks again


Fri, Dec. 15th, 2006 08:52 am

Hi all,

I have passed my viva for my PhD with minor corrections. also and more importantly my car passed it's MOT.

They asked no questions at all on any of my TEM images so just shows how good they were, however they did say my knowledge in other areas was somewhat lacking which was a very fair point. Other than that though, I had a really good time and should not have enjoyed it as much as I did although I was telling them stories and making jokes, although i was not the only one.

Confused Gemma as she could see me from the common room and when I got up after only 90 minutes, she was thinking that i had finished. when she saw that both of the examiners remained sitting, she realisede I was just getting up to exercise my back, which she was bang on about.

Both examiners kept a copy of my thesis which is very uncommon to happen.

well on with the TEM as I still have a job now


Tue, Dec. 12th, 2006 01:46 pm

Hi guys,

You should have got the email i sent out earlier. Looking for pub suggestions just click reply and write what pub you want to go too. the most popular pub in st andrews will be where we go. don't worry you don't have to sign up.

oh anywhere apart from the union.

Also any of my LJ friends are welcome too, even those out of the country :D


Tue, Dec. 12th, 2006 09:49 am

As most of the UK have probably been reading the two main stories this week, no it isn't about the chimps getting freedom and hammond to be on Jonathan Ross, although the latter is a most noteworthy story. The two stories that I am talking about are the killer of the prostitutes and the paedophile being hounded.

Now with the paedophile, this guy gets 15 years for his part in a gang who killed a kid in '85. He only needed to serve ten years before being let out. Does this not seem silly to anyone else? Of course he would get let out early, there are no kids in prison so he is unlikely to be badly behaved, the rest of the inmates think paedophiles are the lowest of the low, so paedophiles will keep to themselves. This guy had been living there for probably 11 years since he went out and now he has been shifted elsewhere to another community. Maybe they should just make a peadophile city and put them all in there and just have it as a no kids zone. sounds ridiculous but that is a lot safer option than them going underground.

The thing that has bothered me about the investigation into the prostitutes is the lack of information that has been given out surrounding the deaths. Obviously they can withhold information that is [pertinent to the investigation, but they have not even said how long the bodies have been in the locations. have the bodies just turned up there or have they been lying there since the women went missing? If they were killed on the day that they went missing, then there is little hope for the 2 other women who have went missing. 5 women in the space of a couple of months is a scary death rate and is far too high for someone starting out.

Normally serial killers death rates increase as time goes on, so if they are traditional then that means that they must have been doing this for years but very spaced out. This is due to it normally being for gratification and they can relive the moment to feed their appetite until it runs out and they need to kill again. Since this has not been happening in ipswich for all this time, I would not be surprised if they had moved there about 6-12 months ago, either with work or because they are wanting to escape their life.

Alternatively, it could be that since the police have said that there is no evidence of sexual assault and if that means there was no sexual assault then it could possibly be that this guy thinks he has been given a mission to do and has just started on it. For him to suddenly to start like this, it would seem likely that something major has happened in his life to have a breakdown.

This is obviously all just speculation on my part but I would not be surprised if the next body was found just on the south of Ipswich and also that he has a van of some sort since they must be killed before him taking them to the site.

Travelling up to Scotland today, may leave a bit earlier, depends when i finish here though.


Mon, Dec. 11th, 2006 09:40 am
I had a lazy saturday and sunday, not getting up until stupid o' clock and losing most of the day. I remember now why I like to get up early, because it just seems such a waste of the day otherwise.

I didn't go to the shops on saturday until about 1600. I have to say I forgot what it was like at such a busy time. It took me probably as twice as long to get there with the traffic and took 2-3 times as long at the checkout. Plus the crowded aisles makes it so much nastier. Fortunately, I forgot my pound coin and therefore could only get a basket of stuff. Which was probably a good idea as I only need food for tonight and something quick on tuesday night as I will be going back up to scotland.

When I come back down though, I will have to find a time to go shopping again as the next saturday is just before christmas. I may just go on the monday evening when i get back, as although the 18th is close to christmas, it is not too close and is not as close as the 19th is.


Fri, Dec. 8th, 2006 01:44 pm
I have lost some weight since being down here in liverpool.

I think it is not so much that i am cooking my own meals, but more that I am not really snacking on much. Before I could eat lots of nuts and some choccy buttons and also cookies, but now I have moved to frozen grapes, satsumas/clementines and bananas.

I do have a bar of G&B dark chocolate, but it is so good I can just take two squares of it and can be happy. IT says something about the quality.

Couldn't really be bothered cooking last night so I just shoved a load of things together. Tofu, seaweed, ricenoodles, sun dried tomatoes and a couple of slices of bread with peanut butter on it.

Woke up with a bleeding nose this morning, one drip got onto the pillow and i checked in the morning light that it was blood coming out and since it was dark on my finger I realised it was so i just switched the light on and got up. When i was putting the light off in my room before I left for work, I noticed blood all over the cable and switch, so I must have had more blood on my finger than I thought I did.

I also gave someone the wrong directions to the woman's hospital this morning, I should of told them I didn't know even though. my excuse is too many hoswpitals in Liverpool.


Mon, Dec. 4th, 2006 08:43 am
Just a quick entry here, Blast from past got back to me with numbers, so will probably call tonight or tomorrow.

Tight off to the microscopes and will update when i have a bit more time. I do feel I may need to get the internet at home as I feel I am neglecting the journal quite a bit.


Fri, Dec. 1st, 2006 09:09 am

Left the house fifteen minutes later and there was nothing special about the sky this morning :(

Went to manchester yesterday to use the TEM, it sort of went like this.

11:20 Leave for lime street station
11:40 buy tickets for manchester day return
11:50 Leave on the fast train
12:35 Get off at Oxford Road
12:50 Have a smoke before going in
12:57 Find TEM door closed, give knock but no answer
13:00 Wait in Corridor as the Contact guy is at lunch
13:05 Still waiting....
13:10 Still waiting....
13:20 Somebody shows up, TEM is broken.
13:25 Make sure they take my name off of the booking sheet so we don't get charged
13:40 Get back to Oxford road
13:50 Get on Train to Lime Street
14:30 Get back into Liverpool and walk back to work

All in all was a waste of about 4 h.