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In St Andrews

Printing out the thesis is taking its time. mainly because i bought compatible ink cartridges rather than the proper ink cartridges. one good thing though is that after 700 pages, I am still on the same print cartridges. Plus the cartridges also cost me half the price for two of them. I think it is about £20 for a 25ml HP black cartridge, i got 2*50ml for £10, Colour cartridges are about £20 for 15 ml, i got 2*40ml for £12.

~Unfortunately i don't know when it runs out and i am going to be on the TEM today so I can't keep checking the ink. I might just set it going and hope for the best, or i might just change the ink cartridges to be safe.

Other than that, things are going quite well. Lets hope i can get some nice images on the machine today and tomorrow.
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Oh it's a cold one

Wow I really am getting worse at updating. well i will try and give a quick update just now then.

I am through to the superSTEM tonight at daresbury, aiming to get there for about 5 so we should finish a couple of hours earlier than last time, which would be good even though the roads will be getting icy by then.

Trying to learn image simulation software but is not working out as planned. will keep trying as it should give something interesting.

Nothing much else happening in my life other than work. I watched darkness falls last night, oh what a silly little film that was. It is about the tooth fairy being some psychotic spirit that kills those that see her but she was afraid of the light. So most of the lines in the film was "stay in the light" or "get in the light". I wonder if they just hit copy paste in the script for that guys lines. there was nowt else on in my defence!
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Lectureship position

I have just read about a lectureship position in electron microscopy becoming available. ~I have only been here 3 months and already I am considering my next move. I do have 15 months left, but by the time the job advert ends then it will be 12 months. Then by the time they get round to interviews it will be more like ten months remaining. 10 months would be an ok time to wait, but then again I doubt i would be ready to be able to teach at academic level. plus i need to come up with my own research too, which is rather difficult.

Will chat with Wuzong about it when I go up to St Andrews next, and then if he is for it then I can always have a word with Matt when I come back down. That would still give me a month or two to apply so should be ok.

Rather than Chemistry though, it would be in physics but still dealing with nanomaterials and the electron microscope. and they do have rather attractive machines there.

Well I better carry on doing this job
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(no subject)

How did I get so busy? I haven't a clue. On the microscope tomorrow but doing a lot of the cardiff report today. hopefully i can finish it by day's end.

Life just seems to be passing me by at the minute, no help to Celebrity Big Brother. I get up at 7, have a smoke, have a shower, have another smoke, get into work at about 08:00, then at about 18:30 leave for home, get home and watch first look Hollyoaks, jump between doing dishes and watching TV, make dinner and eat it, watch CBB and Big Mouth, go to bed only to repeat again for the next five days. Maybe I will get a life when i am less busy :D.

On other news, I am going to still travel up to st andrews until June as the new TEM won't be arriving until about that time.
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(no subject)

Forgot to say that i can now fit into my 34 size jeans. although it is so long ago since i wore them i can not remember if i washed them last time or not. doesn't matter as i will wash them this week as I am happy enough wearing my 36s.
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Books, Authors and spotlight

When i was up in St Andrews last weekend, I did some christmas shopping on the sunday. I ended up buying more for myself than other people. I got a Jimmy Stewart collection for a tenner (which had Harvey, Vertigo, Rear Window, Destry rides again and Winchester '73, the latter was the only one i hadn't seen). I also bought a ross noble stand up DVD and also the Harry Hill Standup "first class scamp".

I also bought a couple of books, Orcs by Stan Nicholls (which i am currently reading) is so-so so far, good battle scenes from the point of view from Orcs and the quest has just started. I was telling John about it last night and he asked me "what's an orc?" so i had to describe what an Orc was. I thought everyone knew what an Orc was, obviously not. A thing i think is really funny, but did not get it to start with, is the name of the warring human races, the "Mani" and the "uni". One beleives in lots of gods, the other just beleives in one. I did giggle when i understood the name or the races.

The second book I bought was Dreamsongs by George RR Martin, this is his collection of short stories so will start that once i have finished the Orc book. Also I was reading grrm's livejournal and he has just said about how he is going on a "pizza pie" crawl in New Haven as he loves his pie. Anyway, he then posts on his blog and says any fans that fancy sharing a slice or three then they should come along. How cool is that.

Livejournal Spotlight has caused me to leave the community of chemistry help. Too many (yeah you get it now) introductory posts and not bothering to read the rules before joining which stops me reading other friends journals so I left. I didn't answer much questions anyway, or not as much as i used to.
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(no subject)

IT is going to be a busy couple of weeks. I drive up to scotland tomorrow, will drop in on my mothers on the wednesday and then onto st andrews on the thursday. Microscope on Friday and Saturday and then back to my mothers on Sunday. I still need to do christmas shopping but i could even do that when i get back up to scotland.

Then will probably drive down on the Monday, got an induction morning on the Tuesday, Then on Friday, I will have John, Mike, Cathy and Laura coming up to be my guests for the flatmate reunion for the weekend. On the following Tuesday, I am doing my first group presentation.

Right anyway I better go and write a few reports for people before I leave tomorrow.
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Dirk Benedict is in Big Brother

I just read this morning that Dirk Benedict(Face from A Team/Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica) is in the Big Brother house. How cool is that!!

All the others are popstars past and present and a couple of other folk i have not heard of other than Ken Russell.

I may need to watch CBB just for the pure Dirk of the matter.