Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

You think you know a guy....

Subject has nothing to do with the post, just always wanted to use the line.

Yes I am back in St Andrews and so I give my obligatory livejournal post since my posting has been really erratic and I always say that I will change it but I will blame Zelda and work. Nah, I can't blame Zelda, it is too nice.

I have just become a dominatrix in Zelda. Not quite but I do have a dominion rod. STOP IT YOU, with your dirty dirty mind, IN YOUR CORNER!!! It is an object that makes you able to control statues. I was just heading for those statues when I had to come up to St Andrews so need to wait until I come back down on sunday.

Have to break for lunch today, as I am going for a celebratory meal with Gemma, her sister, Stewart and her group as she passed her viva a week or so ago.This might mean a later finish for me tonight but I can sleep later tomorrow as I am not picking up Caroline (someone I gave a lift to who works at the university but owns a house in St Andrews) until 11 and will be travelling straight down anyway.

Did a round robin at wii play with Stuart yesterday on the Wii. Got totally trounced but managed to avoid getting grannied by winning at billiards. The billiards is not billiards though but 9-ball. 9-ball is obviously a lot easier anyway as it is on an american pool table so the pockets are so big you can drive a bus into them.

I saw on the front page about the NaNoWriMo, wish I paid attention as I would quite like to have done it. Is anyone reading this doing it? It is basically writing a 50,000 word novel in a month. Quantity is what matters though not quality, then again read some stories on here and bebo and it is obvious it doesn't matter joining a group for critique as everyone will gush over it. If you don't gush over it and leave a comment with suggestions then you will be labelled a troll or jealous or "you couldn't do any better" or something along those lines. It would be really funny if a proper writer had done this and cited all his books as a response. I was gonna say authopr instead of writer but realised that I am a published author, albeit in scientific journals.
Then again, I doubt I would be able to find time to do this, especially with my new creative project which was to create a game proposal on a very well known TV show. This however got scuppered after a quick check on imdb, although the writer's strike in america may save me and make me my millions :D.

I updated my CV the other day to apply for a job. I hadn't done it in a while and I had to add too many papers to it. My CV is now 4 pages long, and if I carry on in Academia then it is only likely to get longer. I now have about 15-20 papers, although some are only submitted, but we also have a few more in the pipeline.

Right I better end this as it is getting quite long and the machine has just finished ramping. Hope everyone is well.
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