Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!


Bit bored today so thought I would write something on here. I am about halfway through the Zelda game on the Wii and almost already planned the next game (90% sure Prince of Persia) I will buy. I will probably wait until I am almost complete Zelda. At the moment, I am in the desert and just entered the desert prison. When I save the game, it logs hours of game play which is about 25 hours at the moment. This is likely closer to 28 hours as I got stuck in several parts and stopped the game without saving.

Zelda reminds me on the gameboy version Link’s Awakening, which was the only other Zelda game that I have ever played. What makes this one greater is not only is it a 3D version and larger rooms, but I get a horse. I also get to use a hawk too and I turn into a wolf, at the start involuntarily but I am at the stage that I can control it, through the use of Midna. Midna is a creature that helps you out in wolf form and was irritating to begin with as he/she kept chatting away but after you learn the controls he/she shuts up.

Will be playing it tonight, got to get as far in this dungeon as possible as going out tomorrow night to take a visiting academic out for dinner. Not much else happening, completed the story mode of Rayman but got a long way to go with the score mode.
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