Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

Brimstone, Sinchronicity and Damages

Just a couple of different TV series that I have been watching. The first was Brimstone, Scifi series back in 98 that got cancelled after 13 episodes. The actors carry a somewhat run of the mill episodes which can only end in one way each time. In fact, it is pretty much like a lot of series when you are able to work out how far in the episode you are by what they are revealing. John Glover is brilliant as the devil though, a very camp devil.

Sinchronicity, a british show from BBC Three, is about Nathan, who works for a porn mag, who sleeps with his best friends girlfriend, whilst he needs to cover for his best friend that has just started an affair with a doctor. Along the way, he bumps into a catholic woman who thinks he has been sent from god to be her boyfriend and an episode on who gave who the Clap. Was it the catholic girl who gave nathan, who then gave it to the girl friend, who then gave it to her boyfriend who then gave it to his boyfriend? It was most amusing and reminded me to the good old days of "As If", which was helped by the fact that it had two of the same characters from it.

I was trying to find something else to watch this weekend and I saw Damages. Mistakening it for the eddie Izzard tv show called the Riches, I clicked on it. I soon realised my error as it is about Lawyers. With the series starting with a murder and a flashback to six months previously, the series kept me hooked for the 13 episode run and ended with a satisfying conclusion. Instead of it just being a case on case episode, it turned out to be a really good conspiracy, with bad guys being not as bad, good guys being not as good and an apparently obvious story line being full of twists and turns. The series is also good in the fact it shows that it isn't always about getting to the truth as it is getting the most money for your clients. Well worth a watch, if you want something that you need to pay attention to. It also has Ted Danson and Glenn Close in it.
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