Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

Barney Miller

I can't remember if this was ever aired on UK TV but I am sure at least the americans will know it. It was a sitcom about a NY cop, squad and family. I have only watched the first five episodes of the first series but have so far been very impressed.

It really sets itself out from the normal run of the mill sitcoms, although it was made in 1975. The main cast has the largest amount of ethnic diversity i have seen in a program and it handles quite a lot of issues that most comedies skirt around.

I found it quite close to reality, the main character is responsible with his weapons, it has racism and prejudices but these people are normally frouwned upon. hopefully more will appear online so I can watch them.

It is not a laugh a minute, but i have found myself laughing out loud at a few bits and i really like the stories in the episodes. There has been 8 seasons as it ran from 1975-1982, so i am surprised that I had not heard of it before.

Anyway, will watch the last few that are online tomorrow and hope more will follow.
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