Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

I went to the chinese supermarket on tuesday. It was rather amusing as I was the only westerner there. Well they might of been other westerners but I was the only white guy. It is weird that I will use the term westerner more than i use the term white.

Really enjoying being back in the chatrooms. I only have been in for a few days or so and it feels like slipping into an old boot. everyone I used to know has gone but that is not surprising with the absence of 7/8 years. Some terms have also gone, maybe i will try and reintroduce them.

It is weird that despite the people that i used to know have gone, there are still the same type of people there. Just goes to show everyone is replaceable, and so no doubt that in 7/8 years those people will be gone and will be replaced.

The trouble with getting to know people is that the more regulars you know, the more you have to say hi when they come in. Not too bad if they come in as it is when you come in and everyone is there.

On Friday we find out the date that the new machine willl be mmoved into the department, which is good news. I may however still drive up to scotland once a month to see people.

I have the plumber and the electrician coming today to sort out the last couple of problems with the flat. The extractor fan doesn't work but i forgot to log it and can't be bothered talking to the answering machine again. I phoned british gas last night and sorted out my gas and electric. The weird thing was that I thought it was going to take ages for an answer. By the time i put in the number and put it to my ear, I heard "-ritish gas" and it was a person, not a silly recording "Welcome to british gas, your call is important to us and that is why we are making you call an 0845 number and keeping back the options as long as possible to infuriate you more. For a long queue, press one now, for a longer queue press 2 now, for a superlong queue press three, for any other enquiries, please hold and skip these queues."

Afterall, i have noticed that if you hold, you do get seen quicker as most people want to joing the spoecific queue to get through quicker but as everyone thinks that then it won't be.
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