Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!


I tackled the oven door on saturday, took about four hours of on and off scrubbing (while i did other tidying bits in nthe flat, but now I can actually see inside the oven door. I gave Romain a shout for lunch and we went to Tokyou (japanese noodle bar) which is a fantastic place to eat. We are probably going to get a delivery from them to eat during Eurovision next saturday. The person who apparently cleaned the flat called me in the afternoon. She insisted that the flat was cleaned, and despite me knowing that was not the case, I just said that all i could say what I have found. She offered to come out next saturday but I said to forget about it as I would do it myself.

Sunday I finished off the rest of the door. I know I said I finished it before but this time I unscrewed it and tackled the O-ring (rubber seal)and the gunk that was around the side. I also unpacked most things too after bringing my bookcase. I also gave my dad a call from my landline using the cheap codes so that it would only cost me a penny a minute to the US.

Monday was a bank holiday, So I did some work for Wuzong before heading to the flat and attacking the Grills in the oven. They were Black and it took me around 60-90 minutes to get just one side gleaming metalically. I finished off the unpacking in the flat and started going through some flat documnets.

I then find a mention of a parking space and that the allocated space was E. I checked out back and sure enough in the secure back area there is a parking space E. However, two problems 1. I do not have a security Fob to get entry to this area and 2. there is a car parked in that space. I did find out who was parking in this area so I can go and see him once i check with the estate agents if it is true. Hopefully he will be fine about giving up the space if it does belong to my flat.

Today, hopefully the plumber will ring and they can fix my washing machine. I do have a meeting with matt to go over the 5 hour meeting minutes so I think I will have a lot to do after that.

Anyway better go and send the estate agents an email.

hope all is well guys
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