Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

my journal is dying here, I am getting so bad at updating, going from normally once a day, down to a couple of entries a week, now this is my only second post of the month. I may pick up a bit soon, maybe when i move into the new place as i probably will get internet there.

So what is happening with myself? well I am currently trying to work out what to do once I have finished this contract in at most a years time. However, rather than taking things away they are adding in oppurtunities.

I had planned on either postdocing or do teacher training. then a third option came about after talking to Simon and that was to work at a TEM company. This became my third option and i thought that was ok since I would not need to do too much for it, just carry on using the TEM, which was also the case for the postdocing.

one of the things about postdocing is that the contracts are very small. Wuzong has gave me a fourth option and that is to apply for a fellowship from a research council. This will require some effort and thoughts.

Anyway who knows, i will decide later
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