Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

yep I disappeared again

TV has been great in my house, normally supplemented by DVDs.

I had a Firefly weekend watching a disc at a time. I started on the second disc as I had watched the first disc over last week. I was like, disc two is my favourite disc because they are one of my favourite sets of episodes. When i went to disc three, I was like, disc three is my favourite disc cause they are one of my favourite sets of episodes. needless to say, it is all good. On a linked note Serenity bet star wars in an SFX poll, ROCK ON!!!!

Anyway, we also had Dr Who starting on the saturday evening. Also I have heard that a fantastic bit of news that john simm will be playing the Master (no. 6), I wonder if he will say "I am not a number. John Simm is currently on Life on Mars.

Which leads me on to Life on Mars, it was the second last episode last night and next week it will be the last ever episode. They don't want to drag it on for a long time so they are finishing it. This tends to happen a lot with british series and it is good because it ends on a high.

If the american version of Life on Mars goes ahead, and they just do one of the usual season lengths then it is going to have more episodes than the british version. Apparently the british version is on BBC america.

The apprentice is on tonight so will be watching that. then not got a clue about the easter weekend what i am doing as the building closes here.
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