Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

Trip to Llandudno (copied from my bebo site)

You can see the pictures from Calum and Charlotte's Day of Fun in my bebo album.

There was no brass band at the prom, but there was lots of welsh stuff. In a way it was like walking through a portal through time. You could get Giant pencils (remember in primary when you were not allowed to use pens and you thought you could become really rich if you invented the giant pencil sharpener because no one had yet? no that must have been just me), combs with holders with the standard names, silly joke products, the list goes on.....

What was really fantastic though was we were able to go to a Billy Lal's bargain shop. After all, you have to go to a Billy Lal on a day trip to the beach. This really catered for the main population of Llandudno, as it had knickers the size of a fortune tellers tent at a circus. After all they do have to be pulled up to your armpits, I think that is where the original idea of the sling bikini came from, they just cut bits of material out of it.

We went to chester afterwards and met up with one of Charlotte's friends, before charlotte tried to spray a frappaccino on my nice white shirt from across the room. I can't even remember why? it was something said but I have forgotten now. We also had a game of "hunt the welsh oatcakes" which was also called "hunt the Nougat" which was also called "hunt the cookery book" before heading back to liverpool way.
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