Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

Dot Mobile

Dot mobile phoned me yesterday. They said that I can keep with them despite no longer being a student and to check out details for the contract extension, and since i am a preferred customer (read that i paid my bill on time)

Checked their website, If I don't choose a new phone then I can get 11 months free line rental on a 18 month contract (£20 a month). If i get a new phone it would be 6 months free line rental. Once again it is in Units rather than seperate minutes and texts which i prefer, so will probably stick with them.

Will try and decide what i want to do and do it by the end of the week. Part of me wants to keep the phone that I have as there is not a decent Nokia flip phone available, despite my current one having a cracked front display. The other part of me is to upgrade for one that does not have a cracked display. although i would have to change to motorolla and although i have lots of nokia chargers (downside) I do get 7 hours of talk time for the battery rather than 3 hours.

If i don't go for the mobile, I would only pay £140 for a year and a half, whereas if I do go for the phone it would be £240 for a year and a half.
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