Stop drooling at my pic!!!! (kibet) wrote,
Stop drooling at my pic!!!!

So it has been a while since I last posted. I am back in Liverpool after my february trip to St Andrews. I have printed out the final copy of my thesis and submitted to the bindery. The six copies should then be passed to Wuzong. Gemma will then pass one copy to the university. Yes that is right, only one copy. I only found out that now you have to hand in one paper copy and one electronic copy after i was halfway through my printing. The university never told me and i found out by accident.

On the sunday I met up with Kenny and Nerissa, so was embarassing Kenny with all the tales of what he was like at school, including how he used to carry a big book about a ragged trouser Philanthropist to even out his school bag in sixth year. Afterwards, I went up and saw Greg and Lucy, Lucy is learning colours at the moment, so that was fun, although i did correct a bit which i am not sure if it is the done thing for a 2 year old.

After Lucy was put in bed, me and Greg chatted and then watched Superman returns. I am still not sure what to make of it, i didn't feel it was anything special, although it did make several nods to the original and the guy who played superman was very like christopher reeve's superman. There was holes, well actually chasms, in the plot as a lot of it did not make sense.

Travelled back down to Liverpool on Monday and have just been working.
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