February 27th, 2009

Author pose

George RR Martin

GRRM has started screening comments for his post. Good on him I say. He started his LJ less for updates about his next installment for ASOIAF and more about his love of american football and little bits about various projects as well as publicising the HUGO awards and new writers to watch out for.

Instead, every post he gives tended to have a comment complaining that Dance of Dragons was years over due. some people have even said that he is old and fat and they think he should hurry up and finish the series before he pulls a Robert Jordan. If you don't know, Robert Jordan died recently leaving his wheel of time series unfinished.

I like reading GRRM's LJ, even his posts on american football as it shows a human side to him. When I read his works now, I can think of the person and his life of the person who created it. His Dreamsongs book, with was a collection of short stories throughout his career was broken into sections. before each section, he would have some pages of what he was doing with his life at the time so you can see how the stories can relate to what was happening at the time.

The people that are complaining about him not finishing Dance, will be the same people who will be the first to complain about when Winds of Winters is coming out. Considering he mentioned somewhere that it was originally going to be a trilogy, we should be thankful that we are getting 4 extra books in the series.

So hats off to GRRM for coming up with a compromise by screening comments rather than getting fed up of the minority of fans who are complaining with rather callous remarks and deleting his "not a blog" and the other fans losing out on peering through the window into his life!