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Almost two years since last post

I do not know where the time went and about to head home from work as got to pack as I head to Skomer island to spend a couple of days surrounded by Puffins.

I am just back from a holiday in South Korea, even learning some Hangul (korean written language before I went). I will try to post something soon.
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Sunday Hobby

Hobby the bird that is.

Took a trip to Lakenheath Fen, and managed to get some good shots of these fast little blighters going after the dragonflies. I shot at a 1250th of a second, but could have done with being faster. The movement effect though may have worked better with the freeze frame.

The Hobby with the Dragonfly in sight

The Catch of the Dragonfly

And Enjoying the Spoils.

And Cuckoos were around too!


Hayfever has been making be a gunky mess. I never normally that bad with hayfever, as it hit the back my throat and had me sneezing. After taking tablets, it has stopped my sneezing but is just clogging up my nose.


In other news, I finished season 1 of Homicide! So good! And just received the other series this morning. I think I will go with Prison Break tonight.
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Day 1 - NaNoWriMo

I had my Friday appointment cancel on me today so instead of driving around the M25 (the motorway (freeway) around London which is a lovely road to drive when it works, and when it doesn't it fails in style), I have written the first 1% of the novel and I am now writing this.

James Patterson's Pep talk on the NaNo site made me realise that I have it easier than most when it comes to writing in November. We all have things that stop us, but I think I have less than most. It was the part where it says not to do it alone and points about asking Partners/friends to prod you with sharp sticks. I fall into the 'no friends' category as I am not a person who looks for company. As a result of living on my own, I could write first thing in the morning. The only thing I have to move around is work. There will be days that I will be driving for 4 hours, on top of an 8 hour day at a customer site, and I will still write that day. I will also watch an episode or two of a TV show too, so I do not feel like I am sacrificing too much.

It is a good mindset to be in I think, as rather than thinking of all the obstacles that stop me from writing, I am thinking 'why do I have it easier than other people?'. Find these reasons why I have time to write, will allow me not to use the parts of life as excuses on not to write. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and all that jazz.
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45 minutes of DVD reviews

Ok so I have decided to work through my DVD collection and review them. So I am going to try and start it off by taking the next 45 minutes to go through as many as I can before I head into work.

Collapse )
And that is the first lot
For those that don't want to look behind the LJ cut without good reason, here is the list of the DVDs I talked about.
Life on Mars 8
King Lear n/a
American Beauty 8.5
Don 7
LA Confidential 8.5
Dragnet 7
Platoon 8
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Gordon's alive?!!?

I started watching the TV series of Flash Gordon. It startted off as very hokey and tongue in cheek humour. Just incase you were thinking that they were being serious and it was just a case of bad acting or writing, they played nonsensicle music that could have found a home in a carry on movie.

IMDB had it as 4.4 out of 10. All the reviews seemed to poo poo on it. I have to say though, I have really enjoyed it. The early episodes reminded me of the early episodes of Sliders.

Once it gets to the later half of the show, it gets less hokey and more serious. The less comedic episodes are hardly noticeable as they have lured you into liking the characters. I always thought the Flash Gordon character as a bit silly. Yeah he saves every one of us because he can run fast, not just fast but really really fast. Well not super human fast but you get the point.

I only have two episodes left and I know they won't have more so as long as they wrap it to a semi sort of ending, I will be happy.
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student update

The phd student of colm's has been given his one months notice. He was grilled for by two academics with his cv in front of him. Conditions for letting him stay were out in place.

Colm contacted me today saying that one of the conditions was to pass the training of the microscope. He asked If he could see me tomorrow to sort a schedule out. I went up to see him and said that it would be pointless to do this training.

After discussing with Colm, I then sent an email to the two academics that had grilled the student refusing the training and let them know my reasons. My line manager, who was cced in the email, replied backing me up.

Don't know what he is going to do for the month though as he has been refused access to his temporary lab.

I suppose I will find out soon enough.

Had my 18th Japanese lesson tonight. Only two left to go. One next week and the last in 3 weeks time.
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George RR Martin

GRRM has started screening comments for his post. Good on him I say. He started his LJ less for updates about his next installment for ASOIAF and more about his love of american football and little bits about various projects as well as publicising the HUGO awards and new writers to watch out for.

Instead, every post he gives tended to have a comment complaining that Dance of Dragons was years over due. some people have even said that he is old and fat and they think he should hurry up and finish the series before he pulls a Robert Jordan. If you don't know, Robert Jordan died recently leaving his wheel of time series unfinished.

I like reading GRRM's LJ, even his posts on american football as it shows a human side to him. When I read his works now, I can think of the person and his life of the person who created it. His Dreamsongs book, with was a collection of short stories throughout his career was broken into sections. before each section, he would have some pages of what he was doing with his life at the time so you can see how the stories can relate to what was happening at the time.

The people that are complaining about him not finishing Dance, will be the same people who will be the first to complain about when Winds of Winters is coming out. Considering he mentioned somewhere that it was originally going to be a trilogy, we should be thankful that we are getting 4 extra books in the series.

So hats off to GRRM for coming up with a compromise by screening comments rather than getting fed up of the minority of fans who are complaining with rather callous remarks and deleting his "not a blog" and the other fans losing out on peering through the window into his life!
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He was a quiet man

I just saw one of the most fantastic films in my life. IT is called as the subject says "He was a quiet man". What seems pretty straight forward to begin with becomes a really good film with twists. Christian Slater is fantastic in his role. Probably one of his best to date.

Unfortunately I can't really go into why it is fantastic because it would spoil the whole movie. The special effects are not great but you will understand why at the very end.
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Writer's Block: Facets of a Hero

What makes a hero?

Stupidity and luck makes a hero. If someone is stupid but have no luck then they will die. if they have luck but are not stupid then they would not even try.

Mark Harmon's interview with Craig Ferguson said it best though (you can find it on youtube). Mark Harmon had rescued a couple of teenagers from a burning car outside his house, although he was classed as a hero, he did not want to be seen as one.